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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Orbeon Submits XPL1.0 to W3C

I am happy to report that Orbeon and W3C are making progress on XPL. Read this post on published by OASIS XML Cover Pages.

W3C has acknowledged receipt of a Member Submission for the draft XML Pipeline Language (XPL) Version 1.0 specification from Orbeon, Inc. The XPL XML Pipeline Language defines an XML vocabulary for describing a processing model for XML components. XML pipelining is an approach to processing XML where the inputs and outputs of multiple processing steps (e.g., XSLT transformations) are connected together using a pipeline metaphor. Orbeon has implemented an XML pipeline engine in Java that executes a declarative XML pipelining language called XPL.

Orbeon offers an XPL engine (that implements the XPL specification) with its open source XML Platform PresentationServer.

The advantage of writing XPL-based pipelines using declarative XML instead of writing procedural code is that you end up with flexible code and you increase significantly your productivity for tasks that require high volume or complex XML processing. XPL features advanced capabilities such as document aggregation, conditionals ("if" conditions), loops, schema validation, caching, and sub-pipelines.


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