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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

OSBC 2005

As an entrepreneur running a company that helps IT organizations solve business problems by providing services and solutions based on open source software, I wanted to check out OSBC 2005 and listen to a couple or speakers I usually enjoy listening to (like Geoffrey Moore). But looking at the registration page of this event, I realized I had to pony up $1495 (but you get ONE lunch). Call me cheap or crazy but I think it's pretty steep, especially for busy people who can only attend a couple of sessions. I guess IDG has no reason to lower the registration fee if they have enough people attending. I will just wait and listen to the sessions I am interested in on ITConversations. That's how I virtually attended OSBC 2004. One positive thought comes out of all this: If OSBC can charge that kind of registration fee and attract prestigious sponsors for a short event, it goes to confirm that Open Source is no free beer and that it is a becoming a real business.

If you have any thoughts about this, do not hesitate to share them with me (post a comment).


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