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Monday, June 13, 2005

Open source to go

Apple is assisting Nokia in creating their new Series 60 browser based on the same KHTML open source technology that powers Apple's Safari. The new Series 60 browser will be available during the first half of 2006.

Apple has recently increased its open source participation after complaints were raised by Web browser coders (
KHTML developers) that the computer maker wasn't contributing as much as it was taking from the open-source group.

Nokia's chief strategy officer Tero Ojanpera declared that "Open-source software is an interesting phenomenon; it is not new for Nokia, we are more and more using open source in our developments."

Two years ago, Nokia invested in Minimo, Mozilla Foundation's project to create a phone browser based on Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine. Minimo is supposed to be out this summer with its version 0.1 browser for use on Windows CE.

At Orbeon, we would obviously like to see more interest around XForms for mobile devices/ applications. Oracle and IBM have shown some good signs in this direction but I am not sure what their commitment to XForms on Mobile devices really is.

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