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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Another Oracle Donation to Open Source

This is exciting news web developers who believe in J2EE, so buckle up!

I am pleased to announce that Oracle is contributing a rich set of UI components based on the JavaServer Faces specification to the Apache Software Foundation under the Apache 2.0 license. The donation was originally part of Oracle ADF. What it will be called in the future is yet to be determined by the Apache MyFaces community.

What's in it for Oracle?

We like to get behind technologies we believe in. We think JSF holds great promise and Apache MyFaces is a great JSR-127 implementation. By supporting JSF and MyFaces we are hoping that more vendors are going to join us and strengthen the Faces community.

Why should I care?

I would say wait till you try it. This is going to give a big boost to the JavaServer Faces technology as well as the MyFaces project. The donated code comes with great functionality out of the box. How would you like to have high quality capabilities such as: file upload support, client-side validation, partial rendering of a page (AJAX-style), data tables, hierarchical tables, color/date pickers, progress indicators, menu tabs/buttons, internationalization and accessibility? This donation starts with more than 100 components which have already been thoroughly tested and come with high quality documentation.

How about tools?

Oracle developers are also leading the Eclipse JSF tooling project, we are going to make sure that this plug-in works well with MyFaces and its components to help J2EE developers develop and deploy great looking web applications using open source technology donated by Oracle.

After several months of effort, I'm very excited to see this donation go forward. We know that our donation is being placed in very good hands, and we look forward to seeing more components "blossom" as part of the Apache MyFaces project.


  • This question "Do customers need an Oracle ADF license if they plan to deploy to a Web container like Apache Tomcat?
    is in this oracle adf pricing faq
    Is't still valid the answer, I mean Do customers need an oracle ADF license if they plan to deploy to a web container like jboss?

    By Blogger chopan, at 2:30 PM  

  • Hi Chopan,

    The ADF Faces components we are donating to Apache are going to be available for free with a no strings attached Apache 2.0 license. The only thing (related to ADF Faces) you can purchase from Oracle is support. So you don't need an ADF Faces license whether you deploy it on Weblogic, JBoss or any container of your choice.

    By Blogger Omar Tazi, at 7:58 PM  

  • Any idea about the release date? We would love to use this for our upcoming web project.

    By Anonymous Sjoshi, at 8:15 AM  

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  • Anyone here have a background or experience with Oracle ADF Faces? I am looking for a UI engineer with a satellite communications company in the South Bay area if anyone wants to come to Cali. If you have My Faces Trinidad experience, that would work too-although, I know the release date on that program was December 5th. Please send your resume to for consideration.

    By Blogger Jenn-AESI, at 12:22 PM  

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