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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Silicon Valley startup to piggyback on the success of Firefox

Former head of Marketing at the Mozilla Foundation Bart Decrem co-founded a company to support Firefox and offer assistance (money, technical assistance and hosting services) to add-on developers. Since its release, the open source browser Firefox has been downloaded 44 million times. "We believe that you can actually build a business on 44 million users," Decrem said.

Round Two’s short term vision seems to be the release of security and anti-virus software that is scheduled to ship in a few weeks. Longer term; Round Two plans to deliver services (such as blogging, social networking and email) as well as software that would turn Firefox into a web portal and compete with Yahoo, MSN and Google.

What do you think? Is Firefox doing fine without Round Two’s help? Do they have a shot at making money?


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