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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Firefox has 50M fans and counting

A few days ago, exactly on 4/29/05 at 9am PST, Firefox hit the 50 million download mark taking it to just over the 10% market share. This was one of the goals the Firefox team set for itself for 2005 back in October of 2004, when they were getting ready to ship Firefox 1.0. My congratulations to the Firefox team!

Check out this page where the SpreadFirefox team are displaying a real time count of Firefox downloads. It's pretty amazing how fast this thing is spreading! I'm glad to see the success of Firefox; I was getting really tired of IE (and the lack of choice). No competition, no innovation!

This week, the ad-supported browser Opera announced their new version 8 had been grabbed 2 million times in the two weeks since its release. Opera's success sent their CEO on a long swim across the Atlantic.

On a more serious note, even if Internet Explorer is still used by approximately 80% of the internet surfers, our friends up in Redmond better figure out a way to compete before they loose the browser battle which I believe is critical.


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